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Life beyond tourism: A look into the hospitality industry in Toronto

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Toronto; ON for business and to attend a conference that’s held in Mississauga, ON near Pearson airport each year just before Christmas. Since I’ve never been to Toronto before, I asked a few friends who had to recommend what to do while I’m there, things I should check out etc.

What this article is about however, is the experience I had having a personal chauffeur in a beautiful stretch limousine that was provided to me by a company called Paradise limos. My driver Aumead, picked me up from Pearson airport when I flew in last Monday; I had such a good experience it really made me think about all the things that go on in the hospitality industry – and how I was completely shocked by how well Toronto did it

Before I went I was asking around to find an amazing Toronto limo service, I looked online, yelp, asked around etc. I actually spent the time doing this to make sure that I’d find the best service available while I was there and boy did I ever.

There was 4 things in particular that stood out to me while on my mini adventures in Canada

  1. First and foremost – The professional courtesy Aumead had during my trip was uncanny. Every single stop that I made Aumead made sure to get out and open the door for me. Something that a lot of these guys just don’t do anymore. But he did and it was fantastic, it almost gave me the celebrity feel while I was touring around. This professional courtesy is one that cannot be overlooked in this segment of the hospitality industry.
  2. Numero deux! Compliments, treats, luxury – 3 words I’d use to describe the service I received. Aumead was constantly helping me by recommending certain things, he would call different people and get me priority service, discounts make my reservations and more. Something that I have never in my life experienced. This went far beyond the typical driver slash chauffeur duties. It was fantastic
  3. Number 3 – Refreshments – Aumead at all times made sure there was full bottles of water, snacks, and even bottles of champagne in the back when he knew that I had co-workers joining me for one of the nights out. This driver was incredible, he recommended me five different restaurants during my trip,  he called and made my reservations, constantly texted me when I was not there to see if I needed errands run etc. All this for a forty dollar an hour service, sign me up!
  4. Last but not least – The courtesy with the company. Tony the manager from Paradise helped me immensely in the beginning of my process while looking for a company to book my little hospitality tourism with. He sent me the links, pricing, reviews on a variety of different cars to find one that would suit me during my trip. The other businesses I called down there often seemed like they were in a hurry you could say, trying to get my credit card information as fast as they could and move onto the next customer. Tony was incredibly helpful and diligent during this process and I thank him for that

To conclude my short little series of the “Day in the life” and my little limousine review while in Toronto I would like to thank Amead and Tony and the rest of Paradise Limos on behalf of LBT for their gracius welcoming into to Toronto
Thanks and fare well!

Freelancing Abroad Let’s Do It

To work abroad is one of the most effective ways to earn several amounts of money in this world from time to time. However, it’s not so easy to secure a permanent job position in foreign countries these days since unemployment is one of the serious problems that are contributing to the impact of global crisis in the daily living of all people in the different parts of the globe these days. The best option that overseas workers can choose these days while aiming to provide their families with a better quality of life is to accept a freelancing job position in foreign companies that are operating in abroad these days.
Most of available job opportunities in foreign countries these days for overseas workers are freelancing positions that can offer competitive salaries and satisfying set of employments benefits. The following are the steps that people must accomplish while aiming to work as freelancers in abroad:

  • Choose the Perfect Location – while developing for startups in abroad, it is important to look for an excellent location where strong internet connection and prospective clients are plenty. Freelancing abroad will be very useless if it has been executed in a place where people are not interested with the idea of consumerism.
  • Choose the Best Job Opportunity – at the present time, the best job opportunity that people will find in abroad is a vacation job position for freelance designing. Graphic designers are very important in industrialized countries these days. This is because graphic designers possess comprehensive knowledge in the process of creating high quality graphic designs that can be used to groom a website for online marketing in a very excellent way. Remember, most of businesses that are operating in the different parts of the globe nowadays are already using the power of internet in the process of gaining more traffic and potential buyers.
  • Prepare the Needed Requirements – it is a fact that working in abroad is one of the greatest opportunities in life that every person in this world should never miss. This is because most of freelance and regular job positions in abroad were designed to provide competitive salaries and employment benefits to overseas workers who also deserve to have a better quality of life in this world. A foreign worker visa is one of most important requirements that a person has to prepare while aiming to secure a freelance job in abroad. Of course, it’s not so easy to become a freelancer in foreign countries these days. But with great determination and industriousness, it will never be impossible to achieve.
  • Choose the Best Employer – several companies in foreign countries are always in need of experienced graphic designers who can make graphic designing a real form of art in the field of business industry. Those overseas workers who want to become freelance graphic designers in abroad one of these days should never hesitate to sign contracts with trustworthy and responsible employers. This is the most important thing that freelancer has to remember at all times while searching for a new job opportunity in abroad.


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